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We provide various software products in accordance to your requirements, specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms.

Pension System.

iPen Pension System is designed to assist in management of individual and scheme pension plans. The featured module include Marketing, Quotation management, Fund Administration, Pensioners Management, Investments Management, Scheduled paymets, Finanace and accounting and reporting.


Ipen Bancassurance System is designed to assist banks/agents/brokers manage their insurance businesses. The modules available are System Administration Module, Customer Relationship Management Module, Global Configurations Module, Marketing Module, General Business Module , Life Business Module, Medical Business Module, Approvals Process Module, Claims Module, Finance and Accounting, Reports and BI Module and Reports Module.

Estate Management System

Ipen Real Estate Management System is designed to assist property owners and managers in their day-to-day management of their estates and apartments complexes etc. The system is able to manage finance and accounts, assets, service charges, CRM-homeowners, purchasing and acquisition etc. Click for more..

Digital Insurance Platform

Africabima is a digital insurance platform ment to be utilized by banks, insurers, brokers and other partners who want to better retain and monetize their customers through meaningful services. The platform offers a range of proven features to digitally manage and optimise insurances. The platform is comes with a Insurance Mobile Application, Insurance Web Application and Insurance APIs. Click for more...

IT Service Management

Ipen ITSM is designed for large organizations with large number of users to help in reporting ICT related support issues to the technical personnel. Other system functionalities are asset management, network device discovery and contract / SLA management.

Job Evaluation Systems

The Future of Job Structure

Gradar is a fresh approach to Human Capital Management. With an innovative, intuitive and affordable software, we provide businesses across the world with job evaluation, competency management and compensation analysis. Click for more...

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise Resource Planning System not only provide a true support for complex business process but also the way to localize as per the needs and requirements. With proven technologies it not only able to access data but streamline their business process with analytical tools. To exist in competitive market the first and foremost part is customer satisfaction which is achieved through real time data, which in turn helps to get faster customer order and few errors while processing it. Other benefits which will be provided while using this system are – same information across all working departments, exact financial reporting, scheduled task completion, on time payment and much more.