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Features and Functionalities

System is designed to assist property owners and managers in their day-to-day management of their estates and apartments complexes etc. The system is able to manage nance and accounts, assets, service charges, CRM- homeowners, purchasing and acquisition etc.

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Estate Manager Module.

The estate managers get the ability to manage there property accounts, allowing various statement reports to be generated over a certain period of time.

The Estate Manager module has the following features:

  • Automated invoicing.
  • Broadcast communication to homeowners
  • Homeowner self-service web portal
  • Homeowner statement view download
  • Homeowner invoices view/ download
  • Incident reporting


Estate managers can easily register vendors and account for all the purchases made.

The Functionalities Include:

  • Purchase requisition and approval
  • Vendor registration, selection and approval.
  • Purchase order processing
  • Goods receipt
  • Invoice verification

Asset Management

The solution provides a flexible module for managing the assets within the premises.

The Asset management contains the folowing features:

  • Track Assets.
  • Manage Events.
  • Asset depreciation.

Rent Management

Rent collection and automated invoicing is easily managed.

  • Rent collection(Apartment/ rentals)
  • Auto generation of invoices (set up).
  • Late payment extra fees.

Service Charge Collection Management

Fees payable by the tenant or the Home owner towards the running and maintenance of the property is easily managed.

Service charge has the folowing features:

  • Keep track of payments
  • Automated notication to homeowners.

Finance and Accounting

This module provides a wide control of financial information and provide the ability to centrally track financial accounting data.

  • Petty cash management
  • Receivables management.
  • Payables management.
  • Budgeting and reconciliation.
  • Agent Fees & Commissions management.
  • Payment gateway integrations.
  • Chart of accounts.
  • Banking and account reconciliation.


Customized reports are generated within the system.

Reports contain the folowing features:

  • Pre-build standard reports
  • Custom reports.
  • Integration with third party reporting softwares.
  • Exporting reports to .csv, .xls,pdf,rtf,xlsx etc.

BI and Analyticst

BI and analytics is a Business Intelligent module for retrieving data and analysing it based on user selected fields. User can select several reports from the BI.

  • Faster reporting, analysis and planning
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • One screen performance view.

Why Our Estate Management System Benefits.

Our estate management system is flexible and adaptable than any other etate management software, allowing ease of managing home owners.


The system is fast thus Improve Productivity hence reduced TAT(Turn Around Time).


The system is safe and secure

Flexible and Scalable

The system support elastic scalability, i.e. automatically adjusts (without down-time) the available resources based on the load.

Full Support

We fully support, train and help you implement the system locally and customize the system according to the needs of our clients.


The system is real-time - automated notication on payments.


Facilitate (real-time) communication through email and SMS.The system is also real-time - automated notification on payments


It supports online payments.It also enhance easy account reconcilliation.

Keep up-to-date

Automated daily operational work flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

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